Youth Field Hockey Game Cancelled- Sunday, 9/18

The youth field hockey game scheduled for Sunday, 9/18 has been cancelled due to weather.

Field Hockey Schedule

Sept. 25 Dexter Foxcroft Academy 11:00am
Oct. 2 Newport Foxcroft Academy 1:00pm
Oct. 8 Guilford Foxcroft Academy 11:00am
Oct. 9 Dexter Dexter 11:00pm
Oct. 11 Newport Nokomis 4:30pm
Oct. 20 Guilford PCHS 4:30pm
Oct. 23 Play Day Foxcroft Academy 10:00am

3/4 Football Schedule

Sept. 4 Brewer Black Brewer 5:00pm
Sept. 10 Hermon Foxcroft Academy 10:00am
Sept. 17 Ellsworth Foxcroft Academy 10:00am
Sept. 24 MDI MDI High School 10:00am
Sept. 25 Millinocket Foxcroft Academy noon
Oct. 1 Newport Foxcroft Academy 2:00pm
Oct. 9 Hampden Hampden Academy 1:00pm
Oct. 16 Dexter Ridgeview 9:00am
Oct. 23 Pittsfield Foxcroft Academy 2:00pm

5/6 Football Schedule

Sept. 4 Brewer Black Brewer 7:00pm
Sept. 10 Ellsworth Foxcroft Academy noon
Sept. 17 Pittsfield Foxcroft Academy noon
Sept. 25 Dexter Ridgeview 11:00am
Oct. 1 MDI MDI noon
Oct. 8 Bangor Foxcroft Academy 10:00am
Oct. 15 Lincoln Mattanawcook Academy 2:00pm
Oct. 23 Hampden Foxcroft Academy noon

Youth Soccer

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 530-730 on the back field at FA starting August 16th.

Field Hockey

Practices and Monday and Wednesday from 530-630pn at FA starting August 31st.

5/6 Football

Practices and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 530-700pm at FA starting August 22nd.

3/4 Football

Practices are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 500 -630pm at the fairgrounds starting August 22nd.


Thursday August 11th @ 6:00pm in the FA lobby.  Soccer, field hockey and football.

Youth Track 2016

Youth track practice will begin on Tuesday, June 28, from 5-7 pm at the FA track.  Ages 6-14 are welcome to attend.  Registration will begin at 4:45.  Practices will be every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-7 and track meets will be held during the day on Thursdays.  More information regarding track meets will be given out on Tuesday.