5/6 Boys

Dover 1 Tim  Smith


Practices T/Th 6:00-7:30 at SeDo

Anthony Smith

Austin Seavey

Chase Higgins

Giddeon Topolski

Austin Gil

Austin JAckson

Lucas Ronco

Steve Mossgae

Noah Lamb

Josh Ossenfort

Sam Robinson

AJ Atkinson


Dover 2  Todd Reed  


Practice T/Th 6:00-7:30 at Mayo (PHEC)

Jacob Reed

Logan Martin

Lee Belote

Carter Merrill

Nick Bowman

Cody Healey

Krys Downing

Luke Greenlaw

Jay Harmon

David Scott

Brad Whitten

3/4 Boys Teams

Dover 1

Coach:  Dave Henderson


Devin Henderson

Caden Crocker

Cameron Chase

Kaiden Whitten

Logan Walton

Jack Smith

Garrett Chase

Brayden Rogers

Riley Inch

Chace Philbrook

Anthony Harmon

Lucas Auger


Dover 2

Coach:  Bill Rayfield / Audra Rayfield


Wyatt Rayfield

Adam Conner

Brayden Reier

Winston Harmon

Connor Johnston

Cody Chambers

Keegan Clark

Hunter Higgins

Matthew Fillmore

Seth Finnemore

Ateon Whitney

Jesse Beland


Dover 3

Coach:  Jeff Skomars / Joe Caruso


Cameron Skomars

Jack Caruso

Griffin Caruso

Gage Beaudry

Skylar Gibbs

Carter Pratt

Cameron Pratt

Noah Cavanagh

Jacob Johnson

Jacks Kingsbury

3/4 Girls Basketball Teams

  Dover 1

Coaches: Matt Raynes & Brent Martin

Practice: T/Th 6pm Morton Ave

Annie Raynes
Lauren Martin
Emily McLeish
Brooke Belotte
Courtney Barnett
Ella Molaghan
Sam Ossenfort
Cierra Jackson

Dover 2

Coach: Chris McGary

Practice: T/Th Morton Ave 5pm-6pm

Allie Smith
Laney McGary
Brooke Weston
Justice Batchelder
Madison Bridges
Destiny Weymouth
Cassie Smith

5/6th Grade Girls Teams

TEAM 1 –

Marc Poulin

Matt Spooner

Practice 645-745 Mon/Wed


1                     Meagan Spooner

2                     Maranda Poulin

3                     Ruby Rideout

4                     Celena Severance

5                     Daisy Foster

6                     Aleshia Raymond

7                     Kiara Lovejoy

8                     Diana Voter

9                     Alexis Cole


Team 2 –

Eric Crocher

Practice 545-645 Mon/Wed


1         Isabell Crocher

2         Emily Harmon-weeks

3         Madyson Skipper

4         Cheyenne Ewer

5         Ava Rayfield

6         Oriana Goodine

7         Olivia Goodine

8         Sheryl Chase


Team 3 –

Shannon Commeau

Practice 445-545 Mon/Wed


1         Kamryn Commeau

2         Kia Cook

3         Amber Richards

4         Cadence Gil

5         Kaitlyn Lord

6         Ana Schmidt

7         Rebekah Demers

8         Makenzie Sands

9         Maren Oconnel

Youth Cheering

Sign-ups on Wednesday, November 19th @ 6:00pm in the FA lobby.

Youth Basketball

Placement Practices – After we have these two days we will split into two even teams.

3/4 Girls

November 18th and 20th from 5:00pm to 6:30 @ Morton Avenue

3/4 Boys

November 17th and 19th from 5:00pm to 6:30 @ Morton Avenue

5/6 Girls

November 17th and 19th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm @ Mayo Street (PHEC)

5/6 Boys

November 18th and 20th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm @ Mayo Street (PHEC)

Youth Field Hockey

The game today is on the middle school field in Guilford.

2/3 Grade Soccer

Today’s game vs Bradford is cancelled.

3/4 FOOTBALL 9/6

The game vs MDI is postponed.