Field Hockey

2017 Schedule to come:

2016 schedule to come.

Sept. 25 Dexter Foxcroft Academy 11:00am
Oct. 2 Newport Foxcroft Academy 1:00pm
Oct. 8 Guilford Foxcroft Academy 11:00am
Oct. 9 Dexter Dexter 11:00pm
Oct. 11 Newport Nokomis 5:00pm
Oct. 20 Guilford PCHS 4:30pm
Oct. 23 Play Day Foxcroft Academy 10:00am

Foxcroft Youth Field Hockey is for girls in grades 3 through 5 and eight year olds.  The league we compete in does allow second graders so those second graders deemed ready may be eligible to play.  The fee to participate is $25.00 for Dover-Foxcroft residents and $40.00 for non-residents.

Practices:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Foxcroft Academy.


2015 Schedule (Still waiting to hear from Guilford & Dexter)

Sept. 12 Newport Nokomis 10:00am
Sept. 19 Pittsfield Foxcroft Academy 10:00am
Oct. 3 Newport Foxcroft Academy 10:00am
Oct. 6 Guilford Foxcroft Academy 5:00pm
Oct. 10 Pittsfield Manson Park 1:00pm
Oct. 13 Guilford PCHS 5:00pm
Oct. 24 Play Day Foxcroft Academy 10:00am

2014 Schedule

Sept. 14 Newport Newport noon
Sept. 21 Dexter Dexter noon
Sept. 24 Guilford Foxcroft Academy 500pm
Sept. 28 Pittsfield Foxcroft Academy noon
Oct. 5 Newport Foxcroft Academy noon
Oct. 6 Guilford PCHS 500pm
Oct. 12 Pittsfield Pittsfield noon
Oct.19 Play Day Foxcroft Academy 900am

Game Schedule 2013

Sept. 11 Guilford 5:00pm PCHS
Sept. 22 Dexter 1:00pm Foxcroft Academy
Sept. 29 Newport 11:00am Nokomis
Sept. 30 Guilford 5:00pm Foxcroft Academy
Oct. 5 Pittsfield 11:00am Foxcroft Academy
Oct. 6 Dexter 1:00pm Dexter
Oct. 12 Newport 11:00am Foxcroft Academy
Oct. 13 Pittsfield 1:00pm Manson Park
Oct. 20 Play-Day 10:00am Foxcroft Academy

Directions to games:

Dexter Regional High School
Take Rt. 7 into Dexter
Turn right onto Main St/ME-23
Bear right onto Zions Hill Rd.
Take first right onto Dustin St.
Dustin St. Becomes Pine St.
Field is accross the street from soccer field behing TCTC

Manson Park Pittsfield
Take Rt. 7 into Newport
Stay straight to go onto ME-11/ME-100/Moosehead Trail into Pittsfield
Turn Left onto Crosby St.

Take Rt. 15 into Guilford
Turn right onto Blaine Ave/ME-150
Turn right onto Campus Drive
Field is located behind High School

Take Rt 7 through Corinna
Between Corinna and Newport, turn right onto Fernald Rd.
Turn right onto Williams Rd.
School will be on left