Softball Schedule


16-May Dexter Dexter 6:00pm
18-May Pirates Morton Ave. 6:00pm
23-May Newport Fairgrounds 6:00pm
25-May Tri-Town Morton Ave. 6:00pm
30-May Corinna Morton Ave. 6:00pm
1-Jun Pirates Sangerville 6:00pm
6-Jun Corinth Corinth 6:00pm
8-Jun Dexter Morton Ave. 6:00pm
15-Jun Corinna Corinna 6:00pm
20-Jun Newport Newport 6:00pm
Play-offs June 23 & 24


15-May Dexter Dexter 6:00pm
17-May Pirates Morton Ave. 6:00pm
22-May Newport Morton Ave. 6:00pm
24-May Tri-Town Morton Ave. 6:00pm
29-May Milo Morton Ave. 6:00pm
5-Jun Corinth Corinth 6:00pm
7-Jun Dexter Morton Ave. 6:00pm
14-Jun Milo Milo 6:00pm
19-Jun Newport Newport 6:00pm
21-Jun Pirates Sangerville 6:00pm
Play-offs June 23 & 24

May 1st

3/4 softball practice is cancelled.

Farm League is cancelled.

April 26th

No softball practice tonight.

Youth Softball

We will be getting started Monday April 24th at the Morton Street Field

3/4   Monday and Wednesday  6-730

5/6   Tuesday and Thursday  6-730

Youth Baseball

Starting April 24th at the Park Street Field

Farm League   Monday and Wednesday    6-730

Little League   Tuesday and Thursday    6-730

3/4 Boys Play-Offs

**All games are in Monson**

Dover 2 vs Corinth 2 Saturday at 9:00am  winner plays at 2:00pm

Dover 1 vs Corinth 1 Saturday at 10:15am  winner plays at 2:00pm

5/6 Boys Play-Offs

**  All games are played at Foxcroft Academy **

Dover 2 vs Greenville Friday Feb. 1oth @ 6:30pm  winner plays Saturday at 2:15pm

Dover 1 vs Pirates Friday Feb. 1oth @ 7:45pm  winner plays Saturday at 3:30pm


5/6 Girls Play-Offs

** At Ridge View Middle School in Dexter on Saturday Feb. 11th**

Dover vs Pittsfield @ 8:30  Winner plays at 11

3/4 Girls Play-Offs

** At Warsaw Middle School in Pittsfield on Saturday Feb. 11th**

9:00am  Dover 2 vs Corinth  Winner plays at 1:00pm

10:15am  Dover 1 vs Dexter 1  Winner plays at 4:30pm

Play-Off Sites

3/4 Girls   Pittsfield

3/4 Boys   Monson

5/6 Girls  Newport

5/6 Boys  Foxcroft Academy

Championships  Guilford