Today’s practices are cancelled due to weather.

3/4 Girls Basketball

Dover 1
Coach: Josh Kimball

Alexis Williams
Allie Conner
Abby Adkins
Ella Smith
Emily Greenlaw
Hailey Purvis
Jordan Thompson
Lylla Smith
Madyson Kimball
Natalie Cananagh
Sapphire Ross

Practices Tuesday & Thursday from 430-600pm at Morton Avenue.

Dover 2
Coach:  Brandon Hall

Alexis Heretakis
Ana Curtis
Danity McFarlane
Emma Bither
Emma McGary
Grace Greene
Julia Smith
Kate Higgins
Kennedi Martell
Kiersten Nuite
Payton Hall

Practices Tuesday & Thursday from 600-730pm at Morton Avenue.


3/4 Boys Basketball

Dover 1
Coach:  Joe Caruso

Griffen Caruso
Calvin Landry
Landon Smith
Isiah Page
Cameron Pratt
Evan Seavey
Scott Greene
Aiden Sickler
Gabriel Carey
Nicholas Thompson
Nathan Durgin
Colby Simmons

Practices:  Monday and Wednesday – 430-600 @ Morton Avenue

Dover 2
Coach:  Rick Gourde

Lucas Sands
Winston Harmon
Tanyon Gibbs
Grayson Dunton
Isaac Pearl
Grant Howard
Landon Ladd
Lennon McAfee
Tyler Sandberg
Taylor Brueyette
Dakota Brueyette

Practices:  Monday and Wednesday – 600-730 @ Morton Avenue

5/6 Boys

Dover 1

Coach:  Joel Pratt

Carter Pratt
Aidan Dellaire
Keegan Clark
Mason Gagnon
Connor Johnston
Colin Carpenter
Jack Kingsbury
Ryan Webster
Hunter Arno

Practices are Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00 – 7:30 at PHEC

Dover 2
Coach:  Kevin Gibbs

Skylar Gibbs
Garret Chase
Brayden Rogers
Cody Chambers
Spencer Carey
Dominic Redmond
Noah Cavanagh
Matthew Fillmore
Jacob Johnson
logan Waltom

Practices are Monday & Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:00 at PHEC


Field Hockey

We will be having our end of season gathering on Tuesday, November 8th @ 6:00pm in the FA lobby.



3/4 Basketball Sign-ups

Sign-Ups for 3/4 Basketball will be Wednesday November 2nd @ 6:00pm in the FA lobby.

5/6 Girls Travel Team

Annie Raynes
Lauren Martin
Brooke Weston
Brooke Belote
Destiny Weymouth
Halle Page
Sam Ossenfort
Allie Smith

5/6 Boys Travel Team

Brayden Reier
Caden Crocker
Kholton Perry
Cameron Chase
Cameron Skomars
Adam Conner
Carter Pratt
Jack Caruso
Gage Beaudry
Jackson Smith
Devin Henderson
Wyatt Rayfield

No Field Hockey Practice Wednesday, Oct 19

There will not be field hockey practice for youth FH today, but there is a game on Thursday, Oct 20 in Guilford at 4:30 pm. Please have your girls in Guilford (PCMS) by 4:00 pm.



5th & 6th Grade Basketball Sign-ups

October 20th @ 6:00pm in the Foxcroft Academy Lobby.